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Interested in us coming to the classroom,company event or family function?

Palmetto Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation utilizes every opportunity we can to educate the public about wildlife. You are never too young or old or anywhere in between to learn something new, and what better way to do it with being able to see some of those animals you would never ordinarily be able to see or interact with?! 

We will be booking school events, whether in the auditorium with a whole grade or just one classroom/small group.  Educating children is one of our favorite things. Watching their faces light up learning how to properly care for an animal, and give them knowledge they will hold on forever, and maybe even become a rehabber when they are old enough to do so.  One other reason we love coming to the school setting is because we also offer a way for people of all ages to get involved with our rescue, we want families to join in and create memories as they help out a great cause! Our Critter Support Crew gets to volunteer to join us at events, help us with fundraisers, are able to take all of our educational courses- choose to use that information to become a rehabber or just to carry with you and educate others! 


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We also would love to come to birthday parties, family reunions, even just a weekend cook out that you would like to see some of our animals and learn more about what we do. The animals that accompany us to these type of functions are USDA registered to be able to partake in these fun moments. 

We do charge for these events. Being a non-profit 501(3)c organization we operate solely on donations. Our rate is $300 for an hour to hour and a half, depending on the size of the group we give that little wiggle room because we do like to give everyone time to ask questions. This does not include our travel time, if the travel is over an hour and a half to two hours, there may be an additional fee within reason to help with fuel costs.  Typically for our events we bring 3 animals, depending on who will be coming to the class/event that may fluctuate in the event an animal is not feeling well another animal may be brought instead or if we have extra help we may bring more than three animals. 

We do ask that the payment be made as soon as possible at least a few days before the event. We will help raise funds for these fees especially in the classroom setting. We know families do not always have extra funds for field trips and do not want to add that pressure on to families and have any child excluded. We will email a letter to be sent home with the child the week prior to our visit along with a permission slip or waiver for safety reasons for both the child and the animals. Everyone's safety is our priority during these fun encounters. 

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In the event that something happens on our end, and we cannot make the scheduled event whether due to illness or some other unforeseen circumstances we will work to re-accommodate. If the funds were from a fundraiser on our end the money raised will go into our classroom fund for us to reschedule with you, if that is not able to be done on y'all's end it will remain in the funding for the next class. If this was paid by you directly or funds you raised on your own, we will be happy to refund that money, unless you are wanting to donate it to be used for another class or go toward animal care such as formula, food, supplies, incubators and medical care. Your donation will be used accordingly and shown exactly where your money was applied. Transparency is very important to us and when it comes to money we want everyone to feel confident and see what funds are spent on. We always want to make any interaction or transaction as stress free and smooth as possible.


If there is ever an issue with how something is handled whether it's from booking an event or something completely different, your feedback matters to us. Please send us an email with your concerns so we know how to correct the problem moving forward!

Palmetto Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation is a newly organized rehabilitation network in South Carolina.  While we are new as an organization, we have experienced rehabbers from diverse backgrounds, who are still your neighbors, friends and everyday people. Our group is focused on putting all of our resources and passions together to serve our state efficiently with compassionate hearts and loyalty to our communities while doing what is best for all the critters within it.   

Our love for animals runs deep and for most of us it started in our childhood and blossomed from there. We believe in transparency as an organization, spreading awareness and education especially in today's youth.  We will be offering classes and community events in addition to fundraising events which will be kept up to date on our social media.

Below are our board members and rehabbers, if you are interested in becoming a rehabber we offer a membership and classes to become one!

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