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How can you help?

As a non-profit organization, we depend solely on donations of every kind.

Whether it is donating your time, things you are not using around the house or monetary donations.  We value your time and efforts as much as we do our own, if not more! We have several top priority goals in the PWRR family, one is establishing a relationship with our community and earning trust are a few.

In order to gain that trust, we believe that transparency is key!

We have multiple fundraisers up at the moment for specific needs, so you get to choose where your money is applied. Here are a few of those fundraisers going on at the moment, click the pictures to take you to the site associated with that fundraiser. As well as links to other payment methods. More information about tangible needs skip to the bottom by clicking here  






Baby Warm is a fantastic company that helps wildlife rehabbers raise money for incubators. This particular fundraiser is only for the month of March, if we do not reach the goal, donations will be refunded. We are trying to get it where most of us have one, or atleast the ones that share neighboring towns can share one depending on their needs and intakes at that time. These are greatly needed for orphaned babies who have a hard time regulating their body temperatures and ones who come to us sick and struggle with the same. 

Another need specific fundraiser we have going right now is for Miss Anna, she was our first intake at PWRR. She has come so far in the month we have had her, the fundraiser was started to get her initial vet visit taken care of which we were able to do with the funds raised!! The fundraiser is still going for her next follow up which will be around April or May. Since she was still coming out of such an emaciated state at her first visit, we did not get her vaccines at that time. When we go back she will get those, as well as be scheduled for her spay. Anna is classified as a non releasable raccoon since she is partially blind and other damage from her being so malnourished. Check the link pinned to the photo for more information about Anna. 


The linked picture above takes you to donorbox, donorbox is similar to GoFundMe they help a lot with non profit organizations like ourselves to raise money for a good cause. 

These funds are to go towards the upcoming baby season, which really for us has already started. As of 3/7/24 we have taken in about 15 baby squirrels and three baby raccoons just in the past four weeks. The funds collected here will go towards formula, syringes and other necessary supplies needed for orphaned wildlife.


Here is another fun way to contribute to baby season at PWRR.

For $30 donation this will provide a bag of formula for the animal of your choice, a soft blanket for them to stay warm in, syringes for feeding, pedialyte to help rehydrate on intake and as they grow, blocks for the squirrels when they start weaning off milk and getting ready for their pre release cage!

For raccoons we usually put some sort of sensory toy with their packages.

We will also mail you a personalized certificate for your virtual adoption as a thank you for sponsoring a baby this season! If you are interested just send send your $30 donation to one of our payment methods below, state that it is for the adoption package and make sure we have your address for your certificate!

You can also mail donations to 

Palmetto Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

PO Box 1523

Lexington SC 29071


The most important donation we can receive is your overall support, we thank everyone that has been following us on social media, meeting up with us, donating items, offering help in any way has just been heart warming! We are so thankful to be part of such an amazing community!

Other ways to help us include joining the Critter Support Crew or if you are interested in possibly becoming a rehabber, we do have a process for becoming a member/rehabber but everyone can become a part of the Critter Support Crew! See those tabs for more information! 

Here are some items you may have around your house that we would love to have donated. If you have any of these items you wish to donate to us, contact us via chat/email or message us on Facebook.



Tangible donations we can always use include: 

Fleece Blankets

Paper Towels

Unscented baby wipes/disposable adult wash cloths

Clorox wipes

Plastic totes with lids

Heating pads (preferably ones with no auto shut off)

Esbilac puppy milk replacement (purple label)

Syringes for Feeding (1 ml , 3ml  5ml and 10 ml)

Puppy pads

(washable are amazing but disposable ones are perfect too)

Baby/Toddler toys for the Raccoons

Disposable gloves

Dr. Browns bottles

(we use the same across the board so that babies don't have to adjust to different kinds if we swap animals around)

Unscented Laundry Detergent


Plastic dog carriers

Puppy Chow for juvenile raccoons 

First aid kits for our travel boxes or just band aids, neosporin, rubbing alcohol




Other ways people can help:Word of mouth is huge, spreading awareness of what we do and why we do it, sharing our social media posts is super helpful too

Building nesting boxes for the community or your own properties (Many can be made with just scrap materials)- Nesting boxes provide a safe area for mamas to raise their babies, keeping them out of people's homes and sheds in higher populated areas.





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