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Critter Support Crew

Critter Crew Supporters will be like our cheerleaders of all ages!! The Palmetto Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Family wants a way for our community and their families to be able to engage with us more. We want to provide a way that you can jump in the middle and help us! We will provide opportunities for you to come to events with us all over the state to spread awareness and help educate the public on proper ways to help South Carolina's wildlife. Critter Support Crew members will not be hands on with animals for safety purposes but still gives you and your family something to do together and be involved with. Being a non-profit organization Palmetto Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation depends on donations to operate, our crew will also help with fundraisers. PWRR operates like a big family, and the more the merrier!! Evolving your kids, friends and neighbors will definitely give you something positive to talk about!

Just a tiny little disclaimer, the last thing we want anyone to feel is upset or disappointed, we plan to include Critter Support Crew members in events and other volunteer efforts by a sign up basis, that way you can sign up when your schedule fits. Depending on how big the CSC family grows those spots may fill up quickly but we will try to always give everyone a chance to participate. One thing we may do as we work out the details is host an event once or twice a year with all of the PWRR rehabbers and Critter Support Crew just to celebrate our accomplishments and friendships we have built!

What do you have to do to sign up? 

You can email us or fill out the form below to apply to become a Critter Support Crew member. We do like to pre-screen our volunteers and go over more information, while you do not have to have any experience with wildlife we like to get to know our volunteers, their animal loving background and just how involved you want to be. While all of our organization is voluntary PWRR does like to set some rules and boundaries for safety purposes and interactions with the public. 

Once you are approved, there is a one time annual pass for $30 per person or $50 per family. As we begin to build our CSC we will be printing off shirts available for purchase that we ask you to wear to any events you will be attending with us! We are so excited to have you join the PWRR family!!

Join the Critter Support Crew Today!

Thank you for applying to join the Critter Support Crew!

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