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Classes are offered to everyone, whether you want to learn out of curiosity or learn to become a rehabber and gain hands on experience. You can even bring your family! Education is key when it comes to caring for any other living thing. To be able to sign up for classes we do have two options; becoming a Critter Crew Supporter or becoming a member/rehabber.
What's the difference? 
Critter Crew Supporters will be like our cheerleaders of all ages, opportunities to help us out, go with us to events, spread awareness- basically everything but handling the animals.  Potential members 18+ will be thoroughly  screened and approved to become rehabbers and provide care to the animals in and outside of their homes.
To be eligible for species specific courses we like you to have taken the basic care course first just to have a better understanding of what we do, background information, protocols and stepping stones for medications and medical treatments. For members/rehabbers, you m
ust take the species specific courses before you are able to care for that type of animal. 


Come get wildly smart!

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